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 Fuhr-type wire crushing roll.    Carbide extrusion dies.    Small carbide-insert dies.   


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Precision Punches and Dies        
        We both manufacture, regrind and repair a wide and varied range
         of precision punches and dies for use within a  wide variety of 
industries to tolerances of  +/- 0.0001" in a large range of different grades of tungsten carbide, ceramic and tool steels. We produce dies with micron finishes internally and externally to 4 micron.
Crush Rolls     

We manufacture tungsten carbide and steel crush rolls for use in forming complex forms into surfaces and for dressing crush-dressable grinding wheels on all crush form grinding equipment .


Forming Rolls / Turks Head Rolls    

We manufacture forming rolls and Turks Head rolls in various grades of tungsten carbide. We supply these rolls to steel and wire manufacturers who use these rolls to form wire into intricate shapes and specialty forms whilst maintaining tolerances of 0.0001". Most of these rolls are supplied with surface finishes of 4 RA and micron finishes to the bores.


Tungsten Carbide / Ceramic / Tool Steel Wear Parts.   

We manufacture a diverse range of precision wear parts in various hard and ultra - hard materials for a wide range of customers within the aerospace, defense, automotive and manufacturing industries and have worked with our customers to produce superior quality components with longer life spans on numerous occasions.


Custom Tooling   

We draw upon our extensive experience of grinding and tool making to advise customers on the best ultra-hard material to suit their  application. We have developed custom tooling for a range of customers for use in such things as ceramics pressing, rivet extrusion, battery manufacture, punches and dies used within ordinance manufacture and various custom tools for the automotive industry. In all cases we advise on efficient use of the tooling and on how to optimize the life of tooling and parts.





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